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This comprehensive study text provides an essential introduction to economics for students of accountancy, business and related subjects.

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Written for students of accountancy, business studies and related subjects from A-level through to degree and professional qualifications, this book provides an essential introduction to business maths that makes a complex subject easy to understand.

Key definitions are highlighted, complex terms are explained through worked examples to which solutions are provided, and activities and more challenging questions are provided for you to work through in order to consolidate your understanding.

Table of Contents

The goals and decisions of organisations

  • Economic concepts and economic growth
  • Organisations and their goals
  • Net Present Value
  • Costs, revenue and profits

The market system and the competitive process

  • Demand and supply: introduction
  • Elasticity
  • Labour
  • Forms of market structure and competition
  • Imperfect markets
  • The private and public sectors

The macroeconomic context of business

  • National income
  • Keynesian theory outlined
  • Government policy objectives
  • Fiscal and monetary policy
  • International trade
  • Balance of payments

The financial system

  • Money and the financial environment
  • Money and interest rates
  • Financial markets

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