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Free Resources

Osborne Books is pleased to offer the following free resources to students.

AAT Quizzes

Tests for AQ2016

There are fifteen questions in each test. You can check on your progress at various stages of each question by clicking on the 'Am I right?' button.

You can also see the full solutions at the end.

Top Picks

  • Level 2 - Bookkeeping Controls Test One
  • Level 3 - Advanced Bookkeeping Test Two
  • Level 4 - Business Tax (FA2020) Test One

Accounting & Finance

Tests for Accounting & Finance

There are over 30 different quizzes at both level 1 and level 2. 

You can see the answers at the end of each quiz.

Top Picks

  • Year 1 - Double-entry bookkeeping: first principles
  • Year 1 - Business organisations and financing
  • Year 2 - Statement of cash flows