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Tutor order forms and brochure

If you are a tutor and would like to request an inspection copy, or place an order, you are welcome to call us on 01905 748071 or email books@osbornebooks.co.uk.

Alternatively you can download an order form; order forms are interactive, so you can complete and submit your order online. If preferred, the form can be printed and sent via fax or post.

If you would like your students to order from our online shop, you can download the AAT Student Booklist and distribute it accordingly.

Note: In order to complete and submit your form electronically, you must first download it to your desktop. From your desktop, open the form and enter the relevant information. Press the 'click here to submit' button to send the completed form to books@osbornebooks.co.uk.

Tutor Zone FAQs

This password-protected area contains additional resources to support tutors for:

  • The AAT qualifications
  • AQA Accounting

You can access these resources if your teaching institution has adopted* the relevant texts.

*Adoption consists of a purchase of ten or more copies of a tutorial for that specific unit, within the same academic year, either by the college in bulk, or by individual students. Osborne Books may require proof of purchase to approve your account.

Tutor Zone resources include downloadable questions and answers in PDF format. These are provided in separate files, enabling you to test your students without initially providing the answers. These resources may be printed out for your own students or placed on your teaching institution's internal network.

AAT ebooks and interactive revision crosswords

Training centres that adopt our AAT books will receive access to free online versions of AAT Tutorials and Workbooks, in addition to interactive revision crosswords for the corresponding level.

How to access your resources

If you have already received a password, you can log in above. If you have not yet received a password, you can create an account here. If you are creating an account, please read the terms and conditions carefully as they explain the copyright situation, the requirement to keep your password confidential and the need to restrict the resources to your own students.

Any queries? See our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact us, we'll be happy to help.

You can access ebooks and crosswords, alongside your teaching resources, from your online Tutor Zone account. If you do not have an account, you can apply for one here.

These resources are available as a free supplement to Osborne Books customers only. Non-adopting tutors are not entitled to access. Access to resources is provided by Unit (i.e. if Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial has been adopted by the training centre, access will be granted to the ebook, crosswords and teaching resources for this Unit). Access is given for the academic year in which a minimum of 10 copies of a specific book has been purchased. 

You are entitled to access teaching resources (including ebooks) at any Unit for which the training centre has adopted Osborne Books' textbooks for the academic year in which they were purchased (i.e. ten or more copies have been ordered).

You are entitled to access crosswords for any level at which the college has adopted at least one AAT Tutorial (i.e. ten or more copies have been ordered). For example, if the college has adopted Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial, you will receive access to all available crosswords for AAT level 2.

Ebook versions of all Accounting titles except 'Numbers, Darned Numbers and Accountants' are available to purchase from Osborne Books. 

If you are viewing from a PC or laptop, ebooks are best displayed using an up to date web browser.

Ebooks are currently available to view online and to download to mobile and tablet devices using Osborne Books App. Our files are all protected so are not able to be printed. 

Your ebooks will display on any smartphone or tablet that has an internet connection; simply log in to your account and view your ebooks as normal. Your ebooks will not display on standard e-reader devices (e.g. Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Sony Reader) but will display on e-reader devices with tablet capabilities (e.g. Kindle Fire).

Your crosswords will display and function on any smartphone or tablet that has an internet connection; simply log in to your account and view/complete your crosswords as normal.

You may be trying to view your crosswords on Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, the crosswords are not compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer, try using Chrome, Safari or Firefox instead.

If you are having technical problems that are not addressed in the questions above, or in our ‘easy user guide’ below, you can contact us here.

Your ebooks are exact electronic copies of the hard copies that you have purchased; when a new edition of a hard-copy is published, the previous edition will eventually be categorised as ‘out of print’ and the ebook pertaining to this edition will be removed.

Please find any updates & corrections to our books here.