Tutor Resources

Osborne Books provides a range of support material for Tutors including:

  • supplementary practice activities, interactive assessments and ebook versions of AAT books for adopting centres in our password-protected Tutor Zone
  • freely available financial documents, templates and additional questions in our Products & Resources section
  • free interactive questions to help your students practise and revise in our Online Learning section

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  • "Osborne Books App is brilliant - a number of younger students use this - no excuse for forgetting the textbook as they never forget their phones!"

    Judith Lancaster, AAT Lecturer at Craven College

  • "We have used Osborne texts for many years and consider them to be very effective teaching and learning tools, as do our students. The Tutor and Student resources on the website are very effective, particularly as extra revision tools. I make regular use of the eBook facilities whilst teaching"

    Maria Sutcliffe, AAT Lecturer at Amersham and Wycombe College

  • "In my opinion Osborne Books is an excellent publisher, the books and e-learning materials are excellent, as is the tutor resource. "

    Stephen Field, AAT Coordinator at Mid Cheshire College

  • "Interactive practice assessments are a welcome development. I use the tutor resources extensively and it is wonderful that students can return their work by email. They save a lot of paper and time. "

    Bharat Shah, AAT Tutor at East Berkshire College

  • "The year 1 book was a fantastic resource ... great work Osborne."

    Rizwan Qureshi, Lecturer in Accounts at Bury College