Tutor Only Resource Area - Terms and Conditions

  1. The Osborne Books Tutor Zone is a password-protected area solely for the use of Tutors who have adopted Osborne Books texts for their teaching institution.
  2. Each password is unique and is for the sole and exclusive use of the Tutor to whom it has been issued.
  3. Under no circumstances should passwords be passed to third parties, including students.
  4. In the event of a password being compromised the Tutor should notify Osborne Books without delay.
  5. Material on the Tutor Zone is the copyright of Osborne Books Limited and its authors.
  6. Tutor Zone material may be downloaded and distributed in paper format to the teaching institution's own students or placed on the teaching institution’s own website or network for student access.
  7. Tutor Zone material is solely for the use of the teaching institution’s own students and should not be distributed in any format, paper or electronic, to third parties.